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A Tutu-Torial on Tutu Cleaning & Care

Is there anything quite like seeing the look on your little one’s face as she slips on her brand new tutu for the very first time? It’s a magical time.

Tutus are made for play! No need to keep them tucked away for special occasions. With proper care, you can keep your tutu in tiptop shape and ready to play for a long time to come.

Fluff It Up

When you receive your new tutu, it will likely need a bit of fluffing before it’s princess-ready. Gently tease the tulle with your fingers until you get the desired shape and level of fluff. Many of our products come with embellishments. As you play with the layers, be mindful not to pull them off accidentally.

For an extra stubborn tutu, you can add a 80/20 mixture of water and fabric softener to a spray bottle and lightly spritz as you tease the layers. This also helps prevent static cling!


Keep your tutu fluffy by giving it a little space when stored. It’s always best to hang up your tutu (away from other clothes, if possible) when it’s not being worn.

Here are seven tips for how to ensure your tutus is properly stored and can stay flat and avoid tea-cupping:
  1. Lay tutus flat....
  2. Store tutus upside down....
  3. Keep your tutu under your bed....
  4. Protect them in a tutu bag....
  5. Use the right-sized tutu bag....
  6. Keep the tutu dry....
  7. Never put anything on top of your tutu....


We know playtime can get messy, so we designed our tutu skirts to be machine washable. Whenever possible, we highly suggest spot cleaning with lukewarm water and mild soap. For bigger messes, you can toss the tutu in the washer machine and set to warm wash on delicate or regular cycle.

Always air dry your tutu and never iron it as heat can melt the tulle. Instead, to ride your skirt of wrinkles use a steamer or try running a hot shower for 5-10 minutes to let the steam do its magic.

Frayed Edges

Babies and toddlers play hard! Frayed edges work for some things, but not for your tutu! If you notice a snag or some raw edges, simply snip off the frays or snag with a pair of sharp scissors. Voila!

Tutus aren’t meant to be locked away! They’re meant to shimmy and shake and bring year ‘round joy. Use these tips to keep your princess ready for last minute royal balls, themed birthday parties, and tea time with her stuffed companions.

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