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Factors To Consider Before Involving A Pet In Your Wedding

For dog owners, their dog holds the same importance as humans. They include their furry friend in every important event of their life. Couples involving their beloved pets at their weddings is becoming an increasingly prevalent trend. Many animal lovers know and admit, pets can be unpredictable – which is something you do not want on the big day of your life. Follow these tips if you’re thinking to involve your pet at your wedding.

1. Confirm the venue: No one can deny the fact that reserving a venue for your wedding is one of the most important tasks that cannot be taken casually. Before booking a venue, ask whether pets are allowed there. Imagine showing up on your wedding day, with your four-legged friend, and being informed that animals are not allowed on the property.

If your venue owners are happy to allow your pet, ensure there is always a bowl of water and treats available and an easy exit if they begin barking. If possible, take your pet to your venue before the big day, so they can get used to before the big day. Assign one of your bridesmaids in charge of your pet throughout the event. 

2. Outfit for your dog: Everyone at the wedding will be decked up for your wedding. Make sure to buy a nice and comfortable dog tutu for the wedding. You can easily find several options for your pet, from plain bright white tutus to tutus with pearl beads. Measure your pet and get the right fitted tutu to avoid and further delays in your planning. Tutu Joli bridal pet tutus offer waist size measurements right into the dog size which makes this process easy and smooth. 

White bridal dog outfit, dog tutu in white, large dog tutus

3. Pet photography: Inform your photographer beforehand that you’re planning to include your four-legged friend in the wedding photos, as this will allow your photographer to prepare fun photography ideas involving your pet, and will also allow for them to prepare for any other important details – like unpredictable pet behavior  sleepy puppy, getting the dog to sit still with some treats, etc.

4. Pet’s personality: Do not forget to consider your pet’s personality before giving them a specific role, such as- carrying a basket of flowers, carry a ring, etc. Determine whether your pet is excitable, aggressive or obedient. Most of the pet owners assume their dogs will feel comfortable in the crowd but sometimes they feel overwhelmed around hundreds of guests. Even if your pet is obedient and used to large crowds, there is no guarantee that they’ll behave like that on your big day. Being petted, photographed or followed by kids can become traumatic for your pet so ensure they can handle it before you involve them in a ceremony. Always put your pet's needs and comfort first and assure their anxiety level is as low as possible. Happy dogs = happy bride and fun photos! :)

5. Inform your guests early: It is always worth telling your guests in advance that your pet is going to present at your wedding. Give this information on the save-the-date cards and again on the invitation. Many people are allergic to dogs so informing everyone in advance will help them plan ahead.

For those who want their dog to look best on their special day can get one of our bridal dog tutus, available in various sizes. No one wants to make any compromises with their furry friend’s appearance especially on their special day, and Tutu Joli has got you covered! 


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