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Have you ever struggled to find the perfect gift for a baby shower?  We can help!

Baby showers are usually hosted a few weeks before the baby is born and present a perfect opportunity for you to shower the mommy-to-be and her child with love and affection.  We think the best way to show this is to find a gift that isn’t just adorable, but also useful and long lasting!


If you’ve been invited to a baby shower for a friend or family member, it’s likely that you’re having a hard time finding the perfect gift.  You are looking for something more special and outside the baby registry as the perfect add-on? Luckily, we have the perfect gift solution.  Parents love getting their children dressed up for photographs and events.  However, they also love clothes that kids can wear every day without too much maintenance. It’s almost impossible to find the perfect gift that checks both of those boxes.  But worry not, because we have a solution.


Our Tutus for babies and children are specifically designed to stand out in front of the camera. Every single tutu, from our traditional designs to our playful and exciting modern tutus, is handcrafted to ensure that they will be the most adorable outfit new parents will want. Combined with fun innovations like pom-poms woven into tulle, or matching headbands with crowns or flowers, babies and kids alike finally have the means to wear clothes as adorable as they are!


We at Tutu Jolí try to make sure that our babies and children’s clothes are perfect not just for the one wearing the tutu, but also for their parents.  We only use safe fabrics that are comfortable and strong. Our tulle can withstand the pressures of having an inquisitive and active baby.  Anyone in our tutus can be completely free to get dirty, spill juice, smash cakes, or do anything else that would stain or damage other dresses. All of our babies and kids tutu dresses are machine washable and rugged enough that they wont damage during playtime either!  This means that an adorable baby in one of our fun tutus can keep wearing that same tutu without giving busy moms extra work.


Baby showers are the perfect time to give a soon-to-be mom that amazing and adorable gift that she’ll love, and can keep on loving.  We have an enormous selection of colors and designs that are mom and baby tested and approved.  Check out our collections online and give the new mom her favorite baby shower gift!

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