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Hello Jólí,

Joli is the French word for pretty! We design and produce pretty tutu skirts for your little ones! 
My name is Elena, and I am the founder of Tutu Joli. I spent a year searching online for tutus for my wedding and realized that it is nearly impossible to find a good tutu! I ordered several online and none arrived true to the picture. I was repeatedly disappointed with the quality. In the end, I purchased a simple white wedding dress from a local bridal store. It did not have the charm and uniqueness of which I had dreamed. 
Ever since, I've talked to numerous friends who have also searched for well-made tutus with no results. I thought to myself, "how could it be so difficult to find a tutu?" I was determined to find suppliers that could help me make my tutu designs with high quality and at a low price. After a long quest, I now have the Tutu Joli Online Store to help others find their special tutu. Shortly after my first daughter arrived, my passion grew towards kids tutus and thats how we ended up specializing in tutus for girls. My adorable Boston Terrier loves wearing our pet tutus and is our product tester for each new style and color, so we can assure all dog tutus meet our high quality standards, are durable as well as comfortable!
Let us help celebrate life’s special moments with a bit of an ease!
We also donate parts of our profits to local dog and cat shelters and support the community! With each Pet Tutu Purchase, we make a difference for the ones in need! If you have a cause that you would like us to review and support, please feel free to reach out to us directly! 
My dream is to help you have a fun and easy shopping experience and I know you will love the tutus!  
Yours Truly,
Elena V.
Tutu Joli