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Bunny Ear Hair Ties | Scrunchies | 6Pcs

Machine Washable
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Hair Tie Accessories For Girls Of All Ages!

These hair ties are colorful, soft. visible, impressionable and durable! Give the look of bunny ears ponytails. Soft elastic tie grips hair gently but doesn't pull it out. Designed for kids and adults of all ages. Holds thick as well as fine hair and great for ponytails and pigtails! The perfect scrunchies that you'll fair day after day!

Available in Mixed Colors. 
Care: Hand wash with soap and water.


Bunny Ear Hair Ties | Scrunchies | 6Pcs

  • Tutu Care

    All Tutus Are Machine Washable! Please use mild detergent and wash on warm cycle. Most Tutus can be air dried on a hanger, and it does not take long for them to dry. This process is great in order to straighten and fluff your tutu. However, for our leggings we do recommend drying them in the dryer on low temperature as it would take a better part of a day to air dry as they are made out of cotton.

    Let us know if any questions, we are here to help!