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Pom Pom Tutu Skirts For Girls

Are you looking for a pom pom tutu for girls? The signature Tutu Joli design is kid and mom approved. Styled with the most adorable pom pom balls, our tutu’s are perfect for ballerinas, birthdays, and everyday style!

What Is A Pom Pom Tutu? 

pink pom pom tutu skirt for girls, tutu joli

A pom pom tutu for girls is the cutest little outfit that features a tulle skirt with a soft underlining for kids with sensitive skin. It comes with a stretchy waistband so that your little one can grow into it and keep her skirt for a longer time!

The Benefits Of Pom Pom Tutu Skirts 

Pom pom tutus always look great. They’re super fun and cute for your little girls to wear, but they’re also super easy to care for too, so you don’t have to worry about the quality or washing them.

A lot of handmade tutus can be hard to care for and break easily, so it’s hard to get the balance right between something that looks unique and precious, but that your daughter can wear for a while.

Our pom pom tutus for girls are super soft and comfy to wear. They’re not stiff which makes them so much better for your girl to wear. They’re also machine washable, so you can easily remove marks or stains and keep them clean. 

How To Style A Pom Pom Tutu

 Pom Pom Tutu skirt for girls, peach tutu for girls, pink tutu for girls, tutu joli

Maybe you’re looking at our collection of stunning colorful tutus and you’re wondering how to style them?

The best thing about our handmade collection is that they work with so many things. You’ll find that it’s easy to combine our dusty rose tutu with a plain white shirt or the white pom pom tutu and hair tie bundle with your daughter’s favorite pink shirt!

And who says you can only dress up for one day out of the entire year?

With the right accessories your sweet girl can transform into a confetti cupcake princess! Simply have her slip into this too-cute tutu with colorful pom poms

We have such a wide mix of colors, so if you’re looking for the right tutu, you’ll find the perfect design at Tutu Joli’s pom pom collection.

Where To Wear A Pom Pom Tutu 

1st birthday outfit for girls

Maybe you love the look of tutus but you’re just not sure where or how they would wear them? 

Well, the fun of pom pom tutus is that they are so versatile and can work for a variety of occasions. Not only can they be great for special occasions like birthdays and parties, but your girl can wear them in school or around the house! You can easily dress up or dress down this tutu as the need occurs.

If you’re looking for a cake smash tutu, you can also rest assured that they will be easy to clean up even when cake is involved! With our size 0-2T, these pom pom tutus make the best 1st birthday outfit for girls. They pom pom balls gives a confetti look and just makes the party even more fun, and the birthday photoshoot one to remember.

How To Care For Your Tutu 

machine washable tutu skirt for girls

If you’re wondering how to look after your pom pom tutu, then you’ll be pleased to know that these tutus are totally machine washable. If dinner spills or your daughter gets something down the skirt, you can simply whip it off and throw it in the machine to get out the stains! Remember to use cold cycle and air dry it for the perfect look.

Choosing The Right Pom Pom Tutu Size

pom pom tutu size


Why Buy A Pom Pom Tutu From Tutu Joli 

Every Tutu Joli pom pom tutu is made with love. They’re handmade especially for 0-8 year old girls and easy to slip on and off

Are you a fan of pom pom tutu skirts? How do you style them on your daughter? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.


red tutu for girls, red pom pom tutu 

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