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3 Ways To Use Tutu Inspired Apparel

When it comes to deciding on items that your  baby girl has to wear for a special occasion, you'll most likely end up trying a lot of different outfits. From dresses, to tutus and headbands, you'll try out various clothes and accessories to get the right look. What we do not realize is how to use the same Tutus in different ways, and make the most out of the Tutus we already have. So, before you get handmade tutus, you should know about how you can use those Tutus in various occasions.

 mommy and me tutu skirts set

Here is a list of some ways on how to use those tutus in various occasions.

1. Tutu Skirts

You can first use the tutus as skirts to wear as your dress. This can either be used for wearing as a ballet dress or can be used in casual occasions where it will look fancy but comfy. Although it is designed for females, it can also be used by by all genders. The most popular ones are the Marathon Tutu Runs. After all, who would mind wearing a cute tutu for brightening on their little angel’s face? So, just get started by desiding on the length of the tutu and from there the different tutu styles. 

2. Pet Tutus

Another way to use the tutus is to use them as clothes for your pets. Imagine how gorgeous your little pet would look with the great tutu around its waist. Just make sure you bring a tutu which is made of a soft fabric. This is because your pets might be bothered with the frill on the surface of the pet tutus. You can check the size of the tutus before you buy them for your tutus. Make sure that your pets are comfortable with the tutu you choose.

3. Accessories

Finally, you can use the tutus as accessories for different occasions. For example, if you are a cheerleader, you can try to look at some of the tutus which can be used and dressed up with some pom poms. Try exploring different design options in the tutus you like. After you've finalized the design of the tutus and the occasion you intend on wearing it for, the next step is choosing the right tutu colors. Consider getting tutus which are available in multiple color options. Wear blended color options when you have to get them so you can use them again at a later time. Tutus will also fit great over some leggings or tights in cold weather, but they make a great date night skirt in the summertime as well. 


Let us know what other creative ways you've paired your tutu inspired looks, we would love to hear from you! 


-Tutu Joli 

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